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What's Your Story? Season 2 - Episode 8 - Karen Burrows McKnight

In this What's Your Story Podcast about what's next in this pandemic, we have Karen Burrows McKnight. Karen is a highly sought-after Executive Coach in Toronto Ontario, where she offers Executive Coaching and Consulting to individuals and organizations. She is a dynamic, resourceful, and sharp study, known for her listening skills and her ability to quickly assess and develop customized approaches to address her clients' needs.

Karen has also recently launched a new book - "And Just Like That" offers a customized, practical process for leaders – from an organizational standpoint as well as a ‘leader in your own life’ standpoint – to identify and access the next best version of themselves. This podcast discusses how leaders need to think about bringing their people back to the office and truly open the communication lines and practice flexibility. A very resourceful talk that will help any leaders determine and action what's next. Create the next best version of yourself in leadership and life.


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