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CEO SPEAK. Welcome to the first episode of CEO SPEAK. This series will be about the office of the Chief Executive Officer and how that position needs to evolve in the face of major changes in the world of business specifically and society in general. I would like to start by going over how dramatically the marketplace has changed and how we as the leaders have been remiss in recognizing the new environment and consequently changing along with it. Call 647-466-9717 or email Maybe it’s human nature to see no evil, and to take comfort in the status quo. Power, after all is intoxicating and not many leaders are prepared to give it up or dilute it or even chan


After years of being in your business, and then as a consultant in Finance, Leadership and Culture, I finally discovered the secret to CEO success and longevity. We've both seen CEO after CEO turnover not just at your agency but all the other agencies as well. The cost of this turnover is immeasurable, especially when you consider the value of the time lost to ineffective leadership. You can stop this and jump ahead of everyone else by helping each office create a CULTURE OF INNOVATION. I invite you to read the rest of this email and the attached first episode of my podcast on CEO SPEAK and if it resonates with you and you would like to discuss it further please call me at 1-647-466-9717 o

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