The Art of Storytelling - Bud Greenspan

With the news today of the Calgary bid for the Winter Olympics 2016 moving one step forwarded, I thought I would highlight one of the best storytellers - Bud Greenspan in todays blog post. I am a true lover of the Olympic Games and what is stands for in sport, so I tried to reflected back to understand why I am so intimately involved and committed to the games. Why do I watch hours and hours of broadcast day after day? It came to me that it is the personal stories that are displayed and told on our broadcast mediums and networks. Touch stone memoirs and stories that connect the unique experiences of the games to our heart strings. One individual came to mind immediately, one of the best doc

Storytelling Part 3 – The “Creative Squad”

As a continuation of my “Storytelling ” series, last week we explored how to get started creating a story that gets noticed with the good old fashion Creative Brief. This tried and true technique allows you to focus your energy and categorize your creative thoughts on a story. Remember, we need to understand the audience and how to engage them to get noticed. So what’s next? How do I take that brief and conceive story ideas? Next you organize a “creative squad” following the time tested BBDO’s Alex Osborne technique – “brainstorming” . Convince or bribe a few of your colleagues to give you a half hour to assist with free flowing thoughts. As Osborne stated in his book “Your Creative Po

Storytelling - One hotdog one brand

Last week I introduced in my first blog on “Storytelling”, the power of uncapping the left side of your brain to creatively conceive a story that gets noticed. Storytelling is fundamentally part of our DNA and really adds that extra something when defining brands. Storytelling gets out the qualitative components of a brand that connect us emotionally to what drives success. Most people believe storytelling is a god given gift and they don’t believe they have a creative bone in his or her body. However, you would be surprised how creative you are when shown technique’s to unleash the magic. How can I create a story that gets noticed? Well it is very similar to the creative process used in

Flex your digital - "Don't lock it in"

DIGITAL STRATEGY: Practicing Digital Promoflex Practicing Digital Promoflex marketing in your online Travel & Tourism offering – don’t lock it in Published in Hotel Business Review. Adapted with permission. by Ron Caughlin – BRAND>eD WHEN ACCESSING AND CONVERTING potential travellers to your airline, attraction, tour or hotel, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns or Social Media Marketing. The most valuable tool you have in the battle for Google’s favour should be the ability to evolve – I like to call this “Digital Promoflex” in today’s marketing environment. We all know, just like chess, we need a plan in order t

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