What's your story: Episode #3 Mental Health support offer during Covid-19.

Another episode of the "What's your story?" - Podcast series. Episode 3 with @Shane Skillen. To talk about “New Normal”, Shane joins us from his new office, his son’s room (a fair landlord who charges 1$ per day for rent)! Shane is the CEO at Hotspex, a research company that uses behavioral science and Google Artificial Intelligence to better understand consumers and adjust ads with appropriate content. His company has been working with over 300 brands around the world. It is no surprise that after the pandemic people are having different mindsets and the old methods of marketing will not necessarily be useful. David explains how companies are changing the message they are sending to consume

What's Your Story Podcast: Episode #2 - Desmond Edwards, VP Marketing Nandos N.A.

This is the What's your story podcast. In this episode we engage in a powerful discussion with Desmond Edwards, the VP Marketing Nandos N.A. . We continue our discussion on the new normal and how Nandos has adapted to the pandemic with strong leadership and smart business decisions. This does come a faint of heart with them shutting down 27 locations and learning how to respond with a caring approach with their franchisees and employees during this strange period of time. We also shift the discussion over to the George Floyd situation and get perspective from Desmond as African Canadian business leader, an incredibly power talk you won't want to miss. Sponsorships: on for this episode.

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