What's Your Story Podcast: Episode #12 - Chris Keleher

Chris Keleher of The Chris Keleher Team in Collingwood Ontario discusses the big changes his team had to make to adjust to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Chris explains how his team shifted to stay ahead of the curve in the very competitive real estate market. He also discussed how the market took a pause and then came back strong with many clients wanting to move up to the Collingwood area to enjoy the area and take advantage of being able to work from home. Chris is a passionate business leader who is known for giving back to the community he serves. This talk is very engaging and touches on many areas of real estate and real estate market trends. A great listen! Listen to this Podcast on Spoti

What's Your Story Podcast - Episode 11 - Maura Joy Lustig

In this segment, I interview Maura Joy Lustig. Maura is a special life coach that combines holistic coaching methods with Art. Maura believes that each of us has a special gift within us that deserves to shine and we discover that gift and realize what's truly possible for us, we have the ability to create our best life. Using her signature 7 step process, “Converting Chaos to Clarity” she supports women in transforming into their own extraordinary essence. Maura takes us down the path of discovery about our true passions and asks us to really focus on this during the pandemic to keep our mental health in order. The "New Normal" doesn't have be boring, she discuss's what you can take adva

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