Turning Research Data into Engaging Stories

In my Event Market Research class today, I did a Zoom lecture and I thought I would share. If you are interested in turning your research into a compelling story that get noticed by management and key stakeholders, this session gives some very helpful tips. In the world of research, many companies have found the value of quantitative research tools like Survey Monkey. This intuitive research tool makes it easy for anyone at all levels to do a research survey. It also has some incredible analysis tools and filters which allows one to dig deeper into the data, as well as to look at it in different ways. The talk also reviewed an amazing series on LinkedIn Learn about research from Sarah Wie

TNS Digital Life Interview - Ron Caughlin

As the digital channel continues to grow, we have seen an increasing amount of clutter similar to the traditional channels. More and more advertisers who once enjoyed using banner and web advertising to drive customers to online offers are now experiencing weaker results and ROI. The TNS Digital Life global study, one of the largest global online studies has identified a tremendous amount of digital waste – “Digital waste pollutes the online world as brands fail to listen to what people want”. As I reported on MSN video – Understanding the digital user and how to access them has become more and more important in developing effective marketing strategies.

Joe Amati - Turning data into a great story

In the world of event research, the ability to turn your research data into a great story is an art that hasn't been forgotten. Listen to Joe Amati from Hotspex Inc., speak to my Humber College market research class using Zoom today during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotspex is a consumer research firm I've used in the past while at Toronto Pearson Airport, I hired them to help understand the travellers better in an effort to help develop a better travel experience. Hotspex specializes in helping brands innovate with key insights and great stories. Hotspex uses a globally validated and proprietary human motivation measurement platform ensures that global brands trigger consistent emotions,

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