What's Your Story Podcast: Episode #10- Monica Pasinato-Forchielli - President One Wellness Grou

Welcome back, everyone! In today's episode, We have Monica Pasinato-Forchielli, President of One Wellness Group. Monica tells us about her story and experience with the pandemic and how deeply her business has been affected by it. Being a wellness group that provides services such as Spa and Massage treatments, health care consultation etc. and has direct contact with customers, she had no choice but to shut down her business. "Even though I had to shut down the business and had no idea when we would re-open again, I was already thinking ahead and the first thing I did was to prepare for reopening," she said. From a marketing perspective, she explains how important it is to keep your busines

What's Your story Podcast: Episode #9 - Catherine Ann Clayton, Business Strategist

On our new episode, we have traveled across borders and we have one of our most positive, energetic, and enthusiastic guests, Catherine Ann with us from southern US, Texas! Catherine Ann is a business strategist coach and uses Linkedin strategy to help her clients make money within 60 days of completing their profile! She has the most positive perspective about the pandemic and believes everyone should not be " pivoting" to doing something new and instead, they have to "shift" to new ways of getting things done. for example, shifting from going to work to online meetings... She explains that the pandemic has highlighted the problems people had in their personal and professional lives befo

What's Your Story Podcast: Episode #8 - Anna Tavares, Director of Strategy Vendasta

On our new exciting episode of "what's your Story?" we had a very insightful conversation with Anna Tavares- the young Director of Strategy at Vendasta. Vendasta provides digital solutions to local businesses and during the pandemic, their goal was to provide their customers with 3 main services: 1. Provide the ability to work remote (Zoom meetings etc.) 2. Local business online toolkit: A set of tools that small businesses can use to adapt and adjust to this new situation and tools to enter and survive in the online market. 3. An online academy to learn about marketing: for people who are using this time to learn more about the marketing topic. Anna also talks about the 3 steps business ca

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