What's your story? Episode #15 - Beth Potter, President TIAO and Cyrus Copper Professor Centennial

This podcast focuses on the pandemic and how the Travel Tourism community and has responded during this very difficult time.  Beth Potter, President of TIAO, and Cyrus Copper, Professor & Program Coordinator at Centennial College—President & Founder at Cobalt Hospitality Group engaged us with a fascinating and discussion of how to respond during the new normal and also what to look out for in the upcoming months. A great listen and please share with all your colleagues, the advice is invaluable! This can be listened to on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Anchor FM, and many more. https://open.spotify.com/show/6SuZ2TRaHxIK78svUaFJBr?si=OJPh1ARpSZuxnr_V7gKQ8Q

What's Your Story Podcast - Episode #14, Kevin Carter, President Colorworks Autobody

In today's podcast, we have Kevin Carter, the President, and CEO of Colorworks Canada. Kevin discusses how the pandemic completely changed its operation across the country. He also discusses what it took to get back to Canada and traveling across many states and then into Canada. As well as the stress it put on him and the organization including staff who were fearful of coming to work due to the virus. Kevin made some important decisions that led to shutting down locations and all advertising and how that affected everyone. He also told us he needed to jump-start the organization coming out of Covid-19 in Phase 2 and 3 by increasing his digital and social media marketing advertising spe

What's Your Story Podcast: Episode #13 - Jennifer Beale

This week on the "What's your story podcast", we have a guest with lots of energy who helps business owners who want a guaranteed ROI on their marketing efforts. As Jennifer explains, sometimes business owners spend money on marketing campaigns that don't result in a proper return on investment. She states she believes you should always get an ROI on your marketing dollars. "My clients earn 4, 5 and even 6 figures each year from my referrals. And they only pay me when someone becomes a client." Jennifer is also an event producer, an industry that has had a real hit with the Covid-19 pandemic. Jennifer talks with us on how she helps businesses realize and reinvent themselves during the cris

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