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What's Your Story Podcast: Episode #10- Monica Pasinato-Forchielli - President One Wellness Grou

Welcome back, everyone! In today's episode, We have Monica Pasinato-Forchielli, President of One Wellness Group.

Monica tells us about her story and experience with the pandemic and how deeply her business has been affected by it. Being a wellness group that provides services such as Spa and Massage treatments, health care consultation etc. and has direct contact with customers, she had no choice but to shut down her business.

"Even though I had to shut down the business and had no idea when we would re-open again, I was already thinking ahead and the first thing I did was to prepare for reopening," she said.

From a marketing perspective, she explains how important it is to keep your business website and social media platforms active and keep your current and future clients updated with your business's updates and COVID-19 guidelines.

Monica also shares her version of "the new normal" with us and the challenges she faced and the changes she made to her business.

Want some personal care advice from her? "Get a message and take a yoga class, get outside and take a walk, take a break from your phone, and get back to some healthy living. also, support your local business and shop local food... and just BREATH!"

Thank you Monica for this great conversation!

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