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What's Your Story Podcast: Episode #4 - David Kincaid CEO, Level 5 Strategy

On our interesting and different episode, we have David Kincaid, CEO of Level 5 Strategy. His Company is a management consulting firm focusing on growing the asset value of a brand. He is also the author of a book called “The value of a promise consistently kept“.

In his book, David shares 40 years of experience working with world-known brands such as American Express, Labatt Breweries, and Corus Entertainment. He provides a new definition of a brand: The PROMISE you make in terms of the VALUE you want to present to your market and be CONSISTENT about providing that value.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the entire world, David and his team are looking to understand the emotional side of the consumer. The questions now are: what are consumers looking for now? What emotions are they feeling during the lock-down? How people’s behaviors have changed? And what are the new values brands must provide?

David provides an interesting new approach to the value proposition. He advises leaders to look at change as a positive thing and look closely at the changes that have happened within their market. Such as changes in consumer behavior, changes in consumer needs, changes they have to make in their brand, etc.

Thank you David for this amazing interview.

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