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What's Your Story? Episode #17, Mary Moran CEO & President at Calgary Economic Development

In this "What's Your Story?" podcast, we have a very special guest from my old stomping ground Calgary. Mary Moran the CEO & President of Calgary Economic Development. Mary tells a great story of how she and her team helped organizations in Calagary adapt to the new normal and thrive. Mary explains how Calgary is a technological hub with an abundance of young talent in the digital field. She also explains how the Calgary Economic Development partnered with industry to help grow the jobs and the economy. A thriving city that ready to take on the challenges with a downswing in the economy due to COVID-19..

According to Mary, "Calgary's economy is going to start roaring back to life next year, but not before the city posts a dismal 10.1 percent GDP contraction for 2020 as the pandemic and the energy sector slump continue to take their toll".

Calgary's economy was put through the wringer in 2020 with the pandemic, she feels the city's fortunes will start to turn around in the new year.

A great listen from a strong leader!


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