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What's Your Story Podcast: Episode #6 - Dr Youssef Ahmad Youssef, Phd & President CIMMO.

This episode is all about human connection and offering help to businesses during the pandemic... We have a very distinguished guest today, Dr. Youssef A.Youssef. The President and Vice-Chair at The Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario (CIMMO) and Program Coordinator and Professor, Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing Degree at Humber College.

Today we continue our discussion in this normal and how it has affected small businesses more than big businesses.

95% of Canadian businesses are small businesses and unfortunately, they are the ones that are struggling the most due to lack of strategy, board members, advisors, etc. Dr.Youssef emphasizes on how big companies and marketing firms should come together and offer their expertise to help these businesses as much as possible.

He also talks about the desperate need for LEADERSHIP from within companies during this difficult time in order to connect with your company's employees and customers and try to understand their problems and worries. Because we are all in this together...

Also, if you wish to upgrade your knowledge about marketing, CIMMO offers a variety of free online courses to help you step into a new career.

Find all courses here.

Thank you for your thoughtful approach Dr.Youssef.

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