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TIFF Experiential Marketing Competition

As part of the overall requirement for the Event Management program in the Faculty of Business, School of Hospital Recreation and Tourism at Humber College, students are required to submit an assignment for the Marketing and Special Events class HRT154. This assignment is a practical assignment to create an Experiential Engagement marketing program for the our partner - TIFF. This assignment is set up like a real life situation where students form three – four man teams and compete to win the assignment. TIFF partnered with the students in Humber's Event Management Program in an effort to garner some ideas to increase awareness and ticket sales for the TIFF in the area of Experiential, Social Media & Digital Marketing.

Student teams were expected to thoroughly familiarize themselves with all conditions of the TIFF before delivery of their proposal including the potential clients history, brand strategy, brand identity, customer segments and demographics, infrastructure and service delivery model(s). All proponents attended the briefing session from the TIFF marketing team. Each three – four man team formed a factious marketing agency and they submitted a written response and presented their response. Six (6) finalists were selected to present in front of the TIFF officials in a Dragon's Den Style environment, which was held on Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The top Experiential Engagement marketing program was selected and the members of the winning team will receive recognition from the Faculty of Business and a gift prize from TIFF.

The assignment objectives were as follows:

· To critically identify an opportunities to build a strategic Experiential Engagement marketing plan for TIFF

· To perform research and identify key target market for TIFF

· To Drive Traffic and bookings of TIFF

· Activities include the development of a plan that will articulate the idea focused on the target audience including messaging, brand voice & brand positioning etc. This would also include the articulation of the key business and communication objectives, strategic priorities, communication tactics, execution details and performance measures.

Here is the video of the full session, there was some great ideas developed and presented and it was a great experience for the students.

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