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Turning Research Data into Engaging Stories

In my Event Market Research class today, I did a Zoom lecture and I thought I would share. If you are interested in turning your research into a compelling story that get noticed by management and key stakeholders, this session gives some very helpful tips.

In the world of research, many companies have found the value of quantitative research tools like Survey Monkey. This intuitive research tool makes it easy for anyone at all levels to do a research survey. It also has some incredible analysis tools and filters which allows one to dig deeper into the data, as well as to look at it in different ways.

The talk also reviewed an amazing series on LinkedIn Learn about research from Sarah Wiese, CEO of Bixa, a market research studio. Sarah does an amazing job of marketing research making it really interesting. "She goes over some of the best marketing research techniques and how to leverage them for nearly any challenge at hand. Sarah lays the groundwork for her course by examining the role marketing research plays in making strategic decisions about your brand or product." In today's talk, Sarah laid out some very helpful tips to communicate your research, including a crash course in presenting persuasive ways to get your research noticed as well as personas and journey mapping.

Sit back and watch, it will really open your eyes to the exciting world of turning research data in engaging stories.

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