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After years of being in your business, and then as a consultant in Finance, Leadership and Culture, I finally discovered the secret to CEO success and longevity. We've both seen CEO after CEO turnover not just at your agency but all the other agencies as well. The cost of this turnover is immeasurable, especially when you consider the value of the time lost to ineffective leadership. You can stop this and jump ahead of everyone else by helping each office create a CULTURE OF INNOVATION. I invite you to read the rest of this email and the attached first episode of my podcast on CEO SPEAK and if it resonates with you and you would like to discuss it further please call me at 1-647-466-9717 or email me at

Technological and other advances are generating remarkable upheavals in both organizations and products.

Clients, experiencing their own challenges, meanwhile are continuously raising the bar on performance expectations. To survive this whirlpool, organizations must become leaner, faster and smarter.

In your quest for competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, leaders must be prepared to make the personal commitments that will change the way both they and their organizations think, act, and do business.

In a knowledge based economy the best way to put your business in a position of leading the market and not just responding to it, is to create a CULTURE OF INNOVATION. This will catapult you ahead of your competitors and keep you there.

A culture of innovation will ensure that your organization continuously produces value adding ideas, that will simultaneously amaze clients while reshaping the industry.

BRAND>eD Partners, a management consulting group and disciples of management guru Oren Harari, has developed a program that incorporates reliable, proven, cutting edge leadership tools and principles. A program that explains the theory and more importantly how to deploy it within your organization to achieve the desired changes.

Practitioners who have been promoted to the CEO’s office don’t have to fail. They need support and guidance. They need to be shown how to be professional Managers and taught the theory and the practical application of the tools needed. It is not easy, which is a good thing, because if it was everybody would be doing it.

The program covers:

Employees. . As Louis V Gerstner (Chairman of IBM) said: “Culture is the game and the game changer, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value”. The key to harnessing this value is a culture of innovation

Clients. Obsess about Customers not Profits

Strategy (including mission, vision, goals and objectives). Revamp your strategic process to reflect today’s and tomorrow’s realities.

Book a meeting and learn more! Email:

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