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Storytelling - Power your brand

STORYTELLING: Power your brand

Power your Travel and Tourism brand communications with emotional stories

By Ron Caughlin,

Have you noticed how some people have the gift of the gab and tell a great story with ease? Tired of listening to presentations that are full of charts, graphs and data that put you to sleep?

IT IS EASY for Travel and Tourism marketers to do what is comfortable and report the facts, figures and findings without truly getting the message across with emotional appeal. Nobody likes to hear Tourism “data garble” – it bores us to death and leaves us asking “so what?”

Unfortunately, this has become the norm for business professionals in Travel communications today and generally there is a lack of understanding on how to develop critical insights from the data that connects with the Travel & Tourism marketplace. This includes the ever important “so what’s?” that are gleaned from the information in a form that resonates.

Getting your point across is not only a quantitative exercise; it is more effective when the data is expressed as qualitative emotional insights using old-fashioned intuition that piques the attention of your audience. Creating emotional connections with an audience is the key to getting real engagement, through the relational technique of storytelling.

Storytelling is inherent in our DNA and fundamental to our lives, and to our ancestor’s lives. Generations gone-by told stories at family gatherings to spread family traditions and engage them in ways that passed on important lessons that were part the cultural aspect of the family. In addition the emotional appeal of the narrative created a captive audience with all eyes glued on the narrator or the brand communication.

Storytelling is easy for some and challenging for others. What is it that makes it so easy for those ‘master’ storytellers? It is the ability to tap into the left of the brain and creatively come up with an engaging story that connects at an emotional level and tugs at the heartstrings.

Marc Gobé in the introduction of his book, Emotional Branding, enumerates the Top Ten commandments to move our thinking into the new paradigm of emotional branding and storytelling:

  • 1.From consumers to people

  • 2.From product to experience

  • 3.From honesty to trust

  • 4.From notoriety to aspiration

  • 5.From quality to preference

  • 6.From identity to personality

  • 7.From function to feel

  • 8.From ubiquity to presence

  • 9.From communication to di